Hermana Celia Marin is serving a full time Spanish speaking mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ogden, Utah. She is excited to be serving the Lord. We will be posting her weekly emails and any pictures that she sends. Be sure to send her letters of encouragement throughout the next 18 months.

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 19, 2012

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't written very much this transfer. I'm super busy and we
don't really have  a lot of time to write. So let me tell you what's
been going on.
My companion is Sister Newton. She's a visa waiter going to Argentina.
Here's the thing, she just got her visa and her travel plans to go to
Argentina on the 25th of this month which is on Monday. She's leaving
during the transfer and I have no idea what is going to happen to me.
I might get transfered to another area until transfers which is on
July 11th. I'm going into a trio that's for sure. I'm going to miss
Sister Newton. She's taught me so much and our companionship is so
random! We have a lot of adventures meaning funny and spiritually. :)
She's great!
Our areas are kind of slow and we're looking for people to teach.
Hispanics, as we all know are very flaky. haha Sorry but it's true. We
always get our appointments cancelled and it frustrates us. But I know
I need to have faith that this area will improve. So everyone, please
pray for us.
We are "white washing", meaning when two missionaries come into an
area now knowing anyone or the place. It's horrible and I don't like
white washing. Oh we're white washing Syracuse. The members are super
nice though. The people we're trying to teach are just not
understandable. They go to church every Sunday but don't want to get
taugh. Sister Newton and I just don't understand. I was reading in the
scriptures the other day that we can't receive Salvation by just going
to church on Sundays but we have to get baptized by someone that holds
the Priesthood and keeps the commandments meaning, enduring to the
end. So this area is really frustrating.
A couple weeks ago, my companion and I were looking through a list of
people that the branch president gave us that we shoud visit. We had
no idea who we should visit first. My companion had the idea to pray.
So we prayed and had a feeling that we should visit Armando Carrillo.
We go to his house and we asked him if he's ever talked to Sister
missionaries before. He says, "I went to church for a year but I
didn't like it." we asked him why. Armando says, "Everyone in that
church is a hypocrite!!" I say "well brother, in every religion there
will be a hyprocrite but in our church, the church is perfect but not
us. Even in your church there are hypocrites." He then starts to freak
out. He starts reciting scriptures in the bible and telling us that we
just worship Joseph Smith and that's all we talk about on Sundays. Not
true! I said, "If the church was of Joseph Smith this church would be
called, "The church of Joseph Smith of Latter Day Saints. But it's
not, it's the Church of Jesus. Look at our tag." And he just kept
yelling. haha My companion then says, "well have a great day!" And we
just walk away. Yeah those are our kind of adventures.
We get fed a lot here. We sometimes have 2-3 dinner appointments a
day. It's ridiculous. the food is great though. :) Also My companion
and I are trying to learn Porteguese (I'm sure I spelt it wrong). This
sister in the spanish ward is from Brazil and is teaching us. It's way
awesome! Well, I hope you're all doing great! I miss you all and I'll
get better with updating. :) Write me!

-Hermana Marin

 P.S. I was able to get permission from the mission president to see my
brother and family friends. Here are a couple pictures from it. :) And
The picture of where I'm with 2 sisters, the one on the left of me is
Sister Newton (my companion), and Sister Kreutzer on the right. :)

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