Hermana Celia Marin is serving a full time Spanish speaking mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ogden, Utah. She is excited to be serving the Lord. We will be posting her weekly emails and any pictures that she sends. Be sure to send her letters of encouragement throughout the next 18 months.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12th, 2013

Last week was a little difficult. We had many meetings and hardly any proselyting. On Wednesday we had Transfers and we all know that I'm staying here in Logan and will be the last one. And on Wednesday night we went to Ogden because they were missionaries about to go home because their mission ended. Each transfer the mission has a departing testimony meeting and missionaries their testimony. I went because Elder Tamale (not Hispanic he's Tongan haha) went and told me to go. Tamale Elder was one of the best missionaries in this mission. Had many baptisms and very obedient. He was an assistant to the President, my second transfer I was the first one who called to let me know I was training. He could not pronounce my last name. It was very funny. After, we were taking pictures and said goodbye. He said he would send me a shirt that says Hawaii but we'll see if it's true. haha And we came home very late because everybody stays in Ogden to say bye.

On Thursday we also had to go to Ogden because a general authority was going to speak to us and wanted to know every one of us. Elder Clayton is one of the seventys. He and his wife spoke to us. Elder Clayton spoke to us about how our investigators have to be converted to the Gospel and not us. That happens a lot here, but I'm sure that in all missions it happens. I make sure that my investigators are converted to the Gospel before they're baptized because if they are not converted to the Gospel, they will not go to church. He said we have to bury our weapons of rebellion like the Lamanites. Our weapons of rebellion represent disobedience. Things that make us disobedient we bury them and never look for those weapons anymore. It was a great talk!

On Friday we had zone study, our zone leaders speak and give us a small training. We talked about what Elder Clayton talked to us about and how we can apply those things to our area. We split into groups and one person in the group had to speak or give a 2-3 minute training and well, it was my turn ... as always. haha And then we went to eat. After going back home Hugo's wife sent a message saying that her husband wants to change the date for his baptism because her mother was not going to be there because she was going to work. And his baptism is the next day! I was very frustrated because he's changed the date 3 times. We asked if we could come over to talk about the baptism and we said yes. We talked with Brother Morales that Hugo wants to change the date and Brother Morales was not happy either. He was angry. I said I'd talk to Hugo to see if we can do the baptism earlier. We arrived with Hugo and said he didn't want to do it early. He said that he feels he should not do it early. I told him that he is making a covenant with God and not with anyone else and his salvation is more important. I know I have to be patient but it's hard. You know I'm not a patient person. Since I've been in the MTC I have been learning patience. haha Now Brother Morales said that if they change the date one more time he's not going to help. haha I understand because if I was the ward mission leader I would be angry too. haha

On Saturday we went to Smithfield to help the missionaries find people to teach because the sister missionaries are opening the area. I know a family in Smithfield, the family of Sister Hortin who was in the MTC with me. We went to ask for references and got some. Before we left we were invited to dinner on Sunday. The family of Sister Hortin are awesome.

On Sunday had a branch council. The leaders of the branch are very good and help us a lot. And then we had correlation with Brother Morales. He also helps a lot! If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have the baptisms and we wouldn't have any work.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Wendy. She is from El Salvador and has cancer. When I was with Sister Judy we went to visit her because it was a reference from President Marshall (our branch president). The first time it didn't go very well. She was preaching and would not let us speak. I was upset and Sister Judy and I decided not to go back because she was not interested. Then a ward mission leader called and said he went to visit her and she wants to listen to the discussions. Then we went again, and yesterday we had our second lesson. We taught the plan of salvation. But it didn't go too went. Then we talked about the Book of Mormon. My companion asked her if she would read it and pray and said she would read it, would not pray because she knew it was true. Then a few minutes later, says Joseph Smith just copied scriptures from the Bible to wrote the Book of Mormon. I was so frustrated. It was a crazy week!

I hope you all doing great! I miss you all!
-Hermana Marin

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