Hermana Celia Marin is serving a full time Spanish speaking mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ogden, Utah. She is excited to be serving the Lord. We will be posting her weekly emails and any pictures that she sends. Be sure to send her letters of encouragement throughout the next 18 months.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

How's everyone doing? Well after sending you all an update the Elders in Logan wanted us to play soccer to I finally was able to play some soccer. :) I haven't played for 4 weeks and while playing I realized how out of shape I am from not running a lot. I about died! After, the Elders in our district and our zone leaders, wanted to go hiking the "B" that's on this mountain in Brigham City. It was not fun because it was very tiring. My knee was killing me and I couldn't wait to reach the "B". When we finally reached it, I was glad I came hiking. I was able to see all of Brigham City, Perry, and other cities around us. It was a great view! On our way down, we realized we took a wrong turn and we walked more than what we needed to. We had to find our car. haha We were all so tired but we all decided that we're NEVER going to hike the "B" again. After hiking we got invited to eat dinner with a Sister. She saw us and said we looked burnt from being out in the sun. Honestly I couldn't even feel my face and my body. My legs were killing me and I just wanted to go home and lay down. While eating I felt sick to my stomach. I ate slowly because I felt nauseous. My companions face was hilarious because it looked like she was dying very slowly. We both decided that we're never going there again! The next day on Wednesday we had District meeting. Everyone that went was sore and everyone was walking slow. It was hilarious! Everyone just kept saying "ow, ow, ow.." while walking and sitting down. Our District leader Elder Heintz taught us that if we want to be successful we have to be obedient to the mission rules. It made me think a lot and it's true! It made me want to work hard and follow all the mission rules. Now it makes me want to work even harder than ever. :) When our meeting was over we went out to eat for Chinese food. The food that we all ordered had a lot of chiles. We all ate some and 2 of the Elders were crying from how spicy it was! I couldn't stop laughing at them. The owner of the restaurant is hilarious as well. She told us a story of how one of their fishes that were in their fish tank went missing and no one could find it. She asked the chef and they were all looking for it. She said that the fish was under the cubbard where the fish tank was. It was a lot funnier the way she talked because she was talking half Chinese and English and her English wasn't very good and I think that made the story even better. :) So there's these investigators that invited us over for dinner on Wednesday and they made us fried tacos with pork skin and I saw something weird on the tacos and as I got closer to it I realized it was chicken feet! I couldn't believe I was going to eat chicken feet. I didn't want to be disrespectful so I ate it, and surprisingly it was good! I drowned it with a lot of lime and salt and I think that's what made it really good. haha My mom would be proud of me for eating that. And the plate was huge! I couldn't breathe after eating! On Saturday we celebrated Elder Daine's birthday. My companion and I bought him a few gifts and the bag we bought him had a pregnant lady on it and we put an arrow pointing towards the stomach saying "21 years ago Elder Daines was born...". All the Elders saw the bad and loved it! Everyone was laughing. We had cake and ice cream and it was a lot of fun! The Elders here are great and they help us a lot! Well I hope you're all doing great and don't miss me too much now. haha People that haven't written me letters, WRITE ME!!! Hafens...write me ASAP! Oh and I can't wait for Mothers Day because I get to skype my family! Oh and if you'd like to send me some goodies please do! :) I love cookies and candy! Don't hesitate to send me stuff! ;) You'll get blessings my sending me stuff! haha Well I gotta go!
-Hermana Marin

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